Berlin. Augusta Hospital by Felix Aries

Unique details in Berlin

Located next to the heart of Berlin set in between the governing district, the world famous Charité university hospital and contemporary art museums and galeries, the Swiss architect and design-enthusiast Felix Aries created a new exclusive base for the leading German medical technology company Karl Storz from Tuttlingen.

The former Augusta Hospital, constructed in the time of the German King and future Kaiser Wilhelm I, promises a genuine reflection of Berlin working-style, a mix of old-vintage and modern approach to the challenges of our time. Felix Aries, and his Schaffhausen based design team, transformed this long time forgotten place into a gateway to the German capital for the Karl Storz Group company conglomerat. Following a comprehensive renovation programme,Aries developed a holistic concept for representation, product showroom and showcases for complex medical operation theatre technologies and solutions with outstanding working spaces and offices combined with smart and sustainable building services.

The new Augusta hosts not only employees and guest such as customers and business partner, it's an advanced training location for physicians from Europe and Asia. " The restoration, refurbishment and reopening with a new use has been a dream for many years for Mrs. Dr. Sybille Storz and me. We intended to create a place of real and lasting value. A landmark for the German medicine technology industry, that would serve customers, visitors and employees alike."


The currently refurbished clinic, first opened in 1868, targeted upper class patients, followed by injured soldiers in WW I., and used as a military hospital until the end of WW II.The GDR government used the building for offices and the maintenance was as usual in that part of the world to that time - use it, but don't care about it, Felix Aries argued.


Sybille Storz, owner-CEO of Karl Storz and Felix Aries started to work on a concept by respecting the old building shell and keeping details of the old times and added new elements like the Wintergarden. This annexus explains best the new spirit blowing throughout the old halls and floors. It looks like it was always there, is using technolosgies, like smart cooling and heating energies from the neighbouring block-heating station, with pure interiors and finishes. Aries developed a stylish but not too fancy bespoke design for the AUGUSTA compromising an evolution of sophisticated office working culture, embracing a modern and holistic approach, in a contemporary way. He designed and produced with selected manufacturers a huge variety of ammaneties for the former hospital. LED lighting design is used in combination with floor lamps with mediterranian look and feel. These are not pieces for those of a minimalist turn of mind - they make a statement, but they all have the quality that FelixAries recognised his entire career - a personality, a distinct signature.

Quelle: OBJEKT International, 2013